SockDock Organizes Your Socks For Laundry Day


Socks are easy enough to clean. Just throw them in the washer with the rest of your dirty laundry, then wait for the batch to finish. It’s simple enough. Problem is, socks are tiny pieces of garment and finding matching pairs can waste a lot of time you’d probably rather spend somewhere else. The SockDock offers a less chaotic alternative.

A sock organizer, it lets you secure nine pairs of socks along the length of a cable, which you can throw in the washing machine together with the rest of your laundry. That way, all your socks will be paired together in the same place from start to finish, saving you from the hassle of having to sort through the laundry in order to find matching pairs, not to mention those times you lose a single sock inexplicably.


The SockDock is, basically, a cable that’s folded down the middle and houses 10 sliders along its length. These sliders can be moved anywhere along the length of the cable, creating loops where you can insert pairs of socks and secure them. It’s a simple but clever design that enables you to organize your dirty and smelly socks (we’re assuming here, but we’re probably right) in one place before dumping them in the washing machine, all while making sure they’re still together after you finish a batch.

You can keep the dirty socks right on the organizer when you clean them in the washing machine, move them to the dryer (yes, the tool can handle the heat), and bring them back up to the bedroom. In fact, you can use the organizer to hang your socks in the closet with the rest of your clothes, as it comes with a detachable hook, so you can free up the drawers for other delicate items in your wardrobe. To remove socks, just pull them out of the loop they’re inserted in and you’re set, with no need to adjust the sliders to keep the rest of the socks in place.


The SockDock measures 30 inches long with the plastic hook attached, which should be long enough to accommodate nine pairs of socks, regardless of how thick they are. It’s also a great length for hanging down on closet rods, as well as on hooks or clotheslines for those times you’re drying the laundry without a machine. Can you load it with more than pairs? Probably, although it’s uncertain whether they will still clean properly with that setup.


We know, you’re probably wondering whether your socks will be cleaned properly when they’re bunched together at the center section. According to reviews, though, they do allow the socks to be cleaned up adequately, so they come out just as fresh-smelling and unsoiled as they would if you simply threw them in like you normally would.

The Sockdock is sold in pairs, so you can hang your clean socks in one while putting your dirty socks in another. And while it probably doesn’t matter since it won’t affect the tool’s utility, it comes in three colorways: dark blue/white, blue/black, and red/white. It’s available now.

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