Spare Me Turns The Ice Scraper Into A Versatile Automotive Multi-Tool


It looks like a run-of-the-mill ice scraper. You know, the kind you’ll use to remove all that snow on your windshield before driving to work in the winter. And, yes, it can definitely function as one. Except, the Spare Me comes with a versatile design that enables it to perform other functions that revolve around your automobile.

At its core, the contraption is designed as an alternative to the ice scraper you usually keep in the boot of the car, as you can use it to remove frost, ice, and snow on windows and windshields during the colder days of the year. Its wide blade is as safe to use as any in the market, too, so it will get the job done without leaving any scratches.


Spare Me, however, can do a whole lot more than just banish ice off your windows. When your tires, for instance, are caught in snow, sand, or mud, you can use the flipside of the tool’s head as a functional shovel to dig up whatever’s crowding up the tires, so you can drive off in peace. Sporting an arched head behind the blade with a strong support structure underneath, the tool can also be wedged under your tires to help add traction in case digging up the snow and mud isn’t enough to alleviate what’s keeping you stuck. For an even better solution to freeing a stuck car, you can use two of the tools, one in front of the tire and one in the back, since any rocking movement can catch on to one of the two wedges.

When you need to change a tire, the end of the tool’s handle can actually slot over your wrench’s handle, allowing you to use it for extra leverage when working on hard-to-turn lug nuts. It can also serve as a tire lift when swapping in the spare, saving you from having to put a hand under the rubber and hurting it on the ground while mounting the tire onto the lug bolts. It’s quite the versatile tool for something that takes very little space in the boot of your car.


Spare Me measures just 18.5 x 5 inches and weighs 13 ounces, ensuring anyone can handle it without any issues. Construction is glass-filled nylon, so despite the compact size and lightweight build, it should stand up to all the abuse and pressure it’s going to take, whether you’re using it wedge your truck out of the sand or to serve as a lift for heavy objects.

According to the outfit, customers are actually discovering their own custom uses for the tool, as the novel design allows it to serve a variety of accidental functions. Some customers, for instance, have been using the hollow handle as storage for emergency flashlights, matches, and even bills, with others letting their kids use it as a backup shovel in the beach during the summer.

The Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool is now available on Amazon.

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