Sputnik Multi-Tool Puts Seven Screwdrivers In A Satellite-Like Torch


If you’re like me, you probably find Swiss Knife-style screwdrivers a load of crap.  Unless the screws are already loose to begin with, they’re nearly impossible to use.  The Sputnik Multi-Tool, with its large full-grip handle and strong, sturdy arms, should offer better utility, able to take on heavy-duty tasks without making you exert more effort than you really need to.

Meant to look like a Russian satellite in orbit when unfolded, the multi-purpose instrument is armed with seven different screwdrivers, each of which you can pull out from their slots along the frame. They snap flat on the 5-inch long tubular body when not in use, allowing you to keep the entire apparatus in your pocket or tool belt.


The Sputnik Multi-Tool comes with three Philips screwdrivers, three square slot heads and one jeweler’s screwdriver (with interchangeable Philips and slot head tips), each of varying sizes.  A built-in yellow LED light installed on the body lets you to illuminate right on the spot you’re working on in the dark, making it very handy for emergency uses.  A bigger white torch is also situated on the other end, allowing it to double as a functional flashlight.

Whether you need an easy-to-carry all-in-one screwdriver or a makeshift satellite for your model space station (heck, it looks like a battle-ready intergalactic number), the Sputnik Multi-Tool should handily play the part.   It’s easily one of the best-looking handyman tools I’ve seen, too.  You can get it from the link below for $22.95.  Requires two AAA batteries.

[Herrington Catalog]