Suitjamas Let You Look Dapper In Your Sleep

Want to look your best even when you hit the bunk?  Then suit up.  No, really.  Ditch the SpongeBob PJs and look dashing in your sleep with these Suitjamas.

Looks familiar, but can’t quite place it?  The threads are actually a faithful recreation of the crazy wardrobe Barney Stinson slips into at night before bed in How I Met Your Mother.  And it’s not just a costume for your next slumber party, either — this thing is supposedly designed to really help you sleep comfortably.

The Suitjama is a four-piece sleepwear set consisting of a shirt,  a jacket, a pair of pants and a clip-on necktie (so you don’t end up strangling yourself accidentally).   We’re not sure what the actual make is, but it looks like soft silk satin, complete with that shiny finish that can let you double as a walking nightlight reflector.   While the set is designed for men, the product page claims they have many female customers who love the fit and feel of the pajamas, too.

Sold in two color styles (black/white and Barney Stinson’s purple), it’s easily the best way to stay dapper even while you snore, drool and dream about flying alien unicorns.  If you’re the type who gets hunger pangs in the middle of the night, you can even save yourself a trip to the kitchen by keeping a couple Tactical Sammiches in the pants pockets, too.

If you’ve been wondering what outfit in your closet will go best with a Pillow Tie, these Suitjamas should make for a nice candidate.  They’re available in multiple sizes (S to XXL), priced at $89.95.

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