Sundolier Brings Daylighting Minus The Glare And Heat

Letting the sun in during the day helps illuminate a room without using electricity, but the resulting heat and glare make for a serious sacrifice in livability. But what if you can have the same natural lighting without any of the accompanying drawbacks?  That’s what the Sundolier, a powerful sunlight transport system, claims to be able to do.

How powerful? According to manufacturer Sunflower Corporation, a single unit can provide enough sunlight to brighten up an area up to 2,500 square feet on its own, all without making occupants squint or rendering the air-conditioning useless. Used in spaces like classrooms and offices, it can translate to plenty of dollars saved from artificial lighting.

Billed as a “chandelier that delivers the sun,” the Sundolier uses a roof-mounted two-axis reflector that automatically tracks the sun and adjusts to catch maximum shine. Light picked up by the device is then funneled via a tube down to a custom chandelier that distributes the brightness inside the building. They have several designs of pendant-style fixtures available, with the promise to come up with a few more. A total 3.3 square feet roof penetration is the only sacrifice it requires, which delivers minimal heat compared to other daylighting solutions.

Of course, the current setup will only work if you’ve got a wide open space. Throw in walls, along with private offices, and it complicates the setup a bit. Still, this could be an excellent lighting alternative for many kinds of facilities, such as common areas in low-rise malls, libraries and museums.

The Sundolier is available now, but you’ll have to give them a call to get a quote.

[Sunflower Daylighting via Inhabitat]