Super Solar Shower


Okay, we all know the world is coming to an end. Scientists have narrowed it down to sometime in the next 100 million years when a meteor will strike the earth. The I-Ching and The Mayan Calendar says it will be December of 2012, and the guy outside my apartment with the full beard and the smell of dead, decomposing hamsters wafting from his armpits says it will be tomorrow. Whichever theory you subscribe to, whenever the big day happens – at least you’ll be able to stay clean with the Super Solar Shower.

You might think a shower is unnecessary in a world filled with mutant humans feeding on each other – but how do you know the squeaky clean scent of a clean human being isn’t going to make the mutants run for cover – or elect you – the only clean human for miles, as the new King or Queen of New England.

The Super Solar Shower is pretty simple. It’s a bag filled with water – that heats up when you set it in the sun so that you can hang it on a branch or twig, or the corner of your underground mutant shelter, and take a hot shower. The sun’s energy heats up this little shower-in-a-bag heating up to shower temperature in just a couple of hours. Be careful – if you let it set too long the temperature can get as high as 150 degrees. The bag has a hole in the top that is perfect for hanging and a spout that makes you feel as if you were really under a shower head, albeit with slightly less water pressure than you may be used to. No matter what, however, you’ll be prepared for the end of the world – at least as far as hygiene is concerned – and this is a perfect addition to your armageddon storage bunker or your backpack for camping. Also, it’s a remarkably subtle gift to give to your friend that needs to shower a tiny bit more often.