TabletTV Brings Broadcast TV And DVR Functions To Your Mobile Devices


To many people, 10-inch tablets have taken on the role of a small, portable TV, allowing you to conveniently enjoy shows and movies without being tied down to any room in the house. The TabletTV expands on those capabilities, giving you a convenient way to enjoy terrestrial channels on a mobile device.

A broadcast TV antenna and DVR, it picks up broadcast TV channels and streams it to your tablet over WiFi, allowing you to enjoy free programming even without an internet connection. Even better, the antenna comes with its own battery, allowing you to drop it in a bag for use on the road, so you can catch your favorite channels anywhere without having to use up precious data bandwidth.


The TabletTV consists of two components: a device called the TPod and the accompanying app (iOS available now, Android on the way). The TPod houses a terrestrial TV antenna for picking up OTA programming and a WiFi access point for streaming to your tablet, allowing it to work independently of your home network. For the DVR function, it comes with a microSD card slot (8GB included), with recording schedules easily set from the mobile app. Do note, it stores the videos in a pretty large size (to ensure good quality), eating up around 2GB for an hour of recording, so you might want to swap in a larger memory card if you plan to take advantage of the DVR feature. You can stream the recordings to the tablet afterwards, as well as transfer them directly. And, yes, you can stream the shows from the tablet to both Apple TV (via Airplay) and Chromecast (once the Android app is released), so you can watch in a bigger screen when you’re at home.

Available now, the TabletTV is priced at $89.95.

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