Tent Sofa, A Transformable Piece Of Furniture With More Talents Than You Can Imagine


Just when you thought moonlighting as a bed was as multi-faceted as a functional sofa could get, here’s one that lends it even more uses.  Called the Tent Sofa, it can conveniently transform into a tent-like shelter, allowing you to sleep on a makeshift bed with a roof above your head.

Designed by Philippe Malouin for Italian brand Campeggi, the Tent Sofa is possibly one of the most versatile living room fixtures you can find.  It starts off, innocently enough, as a single-seater couch.  A few pulls along the edges and flaps, however, will reveal over half-a-dozen neat transfigurations.

It can be easily configured as a mattress with a headrest, a walled-up bed, a couch with a roof and a single or double panel sleeping tent.  Looking at those shapes, I’m pretty sure you can add a stand or an extra panel somewhere for even more creative configurations, such as a sofa with an accompanying table.

Upholstered in green fabric to mimic the look of military-style tents, its primary intention is to offer privacy to guests who spend the night in your living room.  Instead of just giving them a bed, though, the Tent Sofa affords them one with walls and a pitched roof – almost like a temporary room you can roll out in seconds.

First unveiled at the Salone del Mobile in Milan two months ago, the Tent Sofa will be widely available before the end of the year.

[Tent Sofa via Dezeen]