A Striking Red Camaro With Desktop PC Guts

More and more computers have been finding their way inside cars these days.  The Camaro Personal Computer, though, takes that convergence a little too literally, cramming a desktop PC’s guts inside a striking Chevy Camaro case.

A desktop-sized replica of the 2010 Camaro, the case’s body is fully dolled-up to mimic the real automobile, all while integrating the PC’s ports and buttons into the design.   The hood ornament, for instance, actually acts as the machine’s power button, with the front bumper holding a slot-loading optical disc drive and two USB ports right under it.  A slew of other ports (VGA, ethernet, audio I/O, dual USB and HDMI) sit in the rear bumper, right below the trunk.  The headlights act as LED indicators – one for power and the other for HDD activity.

Sadly, the Camaro Personal Computer is no speed demon for home computing.  Rather, it’s a fairly conventional nettop machine housed inside the 20 x 8 x 6.25 inch frame.  Hardware details include an Intel Atom N330 dual-core CPU, an ITX motherboard, NVIDIA ION graphics and chipset, 4GB of RAM (upgradeable to 8GB), a 250GB hard drive (upgradeable to 500GB) and an 8X DVD-RW drive.

They claim it can do full 1080p video with true-fidelity 6.1 audio capably, so this could prove a stylish media PC for the living room if you need one.  It comes with Windows Home 7 Premium and is officially licensed from General Motors.

Aside from the “victory red” finish in the photos, the Camaro Personal Computer is also available in black and silver ice metallic.   Price starts at $1,240.

[thanks Chevy Mall]