This Beautiful Titanium Pen Is Compatible With 200-Plus Refills


Like any pen, you can use the Ti Arto to jot down thoughts, brainstorm ideas, and doodle on a notepad all day. Unlike them, you can use it with almost any refill, so you’re not stuck hunting down for a specific brand and model of refill every time the ink runs out.

That’s right, this writing instrument can take any of over 200 different refills, from ballpoints and rollerballs to D1s and more (check out the product page to see the complete list). Even better, the different refills are designed to fit snug and flush in the pen with no wiggle whatsoever, almost like it’s custom-sized specifically for each one.


The Ti Arto Pen uses a patent-pending tip that clamps down on the refill, holding it completely stable regardless of any particular refill’s size. Whichever refill you use will look natural, too, with a grip pattern that’s designed to camouflage any gaps, regardless of whether you’re using thin or thick ones. Of course, it’s a nice-looking pen, as well, with an uncoated titanium construction that should stand up to even the most frequent use. Everything on the pen is, in fact, titanium, save for the nut on the pen cap (aluminum) and the silicone O-rings.

It has a cap with an integrated clip for securely holding along the edge of your pocket, with an included spanner tool for quickly readjusting the clip if it ever gets snagged or bent. Dimensions are 5.2 x 0.4 inches (length x diameter).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ti Arto Pen. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $65.

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