Lounge Outside In This Swinging, Hanging TiiPii Bed


No, your house doesn’t need a stylish-looking hanging bed for chilling out in while you’re in the backyard, the pool, or the patio. But one look at the TiiPii and you can easily imagine just how much fun you can be having lounging in its round bed instead.

A hanging-style hammock, it comes in a conical shape similar to the teepee tents historically used by Native Americans. Instead of being pitched on the ground, though, you can hang it on tree branches, ceiling beams and other similar structures, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors on a comfy bed while suspended a couple feet off the ground. And, yes, it can totally function as a lie-down swing, so the backyard can transform into an instant playground.


The Tiipii consists of a round bed held up by ropes at ten points around the edges, with the areas between ropes serving as convenient entry and exit points. A thick, durable loop at the top allows it to be hung from a carabiner or a hook, all while allowing it to support up to 350 pounds of weight – enough to accommodate two adults or a whole bunch of kids. Since you can simply hook it to a spot, you can easily move it around the house, taking it from the backyard to the living room to the bedroom or wherever else you want (provided you have some place to hang it on). Designed for the outdoors, it’s fully resistant to UV, water, and mold, all while being able to pack down into the size of a small gym bag for taking to your weekend adventures.


Available now, the Tiipii is priced at £179.

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