This Universal Lid Can Cover Mugs, Bowls, And Other Containers With An Airtight Seal


It doesn’t look like much – just a stretchy silicone object like you’re probably seen many times before. Except, the Two Pillars UniLid is a universal lid that you can use to cover nearly any type of kitchen container and dishware, enabling extremely versatile function in your household.

No, it’s not quite versatile enough that a single one can serve as a lid for a small can one time and a large bowl on another. Instead, it comes in several sizes, each of which can accommodate different shapes and sizes of opening (within a limit, of course), allowing you to use the same stretchy product to turn a bowl, a jar, and any other regular kitchen vessel into an airtight container for keeping food locked in tight and fresh.


The Two Pillars UniLid is a disc-shaped lid that can be stretched to accommodate different types and sizes of container openings, with deep sides and internal contours ensuring it provides an air-tight and spill-proof seal. From the product photos, it’s been used to cover a wide array of containers, from cans (cover leftover beer and soda) and jars to pots and bowls (perfect for covering dinner leftovers), as well as for directly covering exposed sections of fruits and vegetables. Do note, we haven’t seen it used to cover non-square rectangular containers anywhere on the product pictures, so if you’re considering doing that, there’s a good chance it might not.

Touted as a reusable replacement for plastic wrap, it eliminates the waste of disposable covers, all while providing neater storage compared to plastic lids, since these can be nested to optimize space in the drawer. It’s also safe to use in freezers and microwaves, so it can function like any regular lid, all while being perfectly washable in a dishwasher.


Each set of the Two Pillars UniLid comes with five sizes of covers: extra small (6.5 cm), small (9.5 cm), medium (12 cm), large (16.5 cm), and extra large (21 cm). There’s no listed maximum size of container each one can be placed on, so we guess you’ll just have to play it by eye and see what lid will fit perfectly every single time.  Tabs on the sides of each lid make it easy to slip on and pull out of any container, allowing it to provide an airtight seal without making it difficult to access its contents.


Construction is 100 percent food-safe silicone that’s approved by both the FDA and the LFGB. It also doesn’t stain or absorb odors, so you won’t ever have to deal with trying to remove a red splotch or a nasty smell, ensuring you can simply throw it in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes without any extra cleaning required. Other features include a tracking dial (so you can remember what day you put a specific item in the fridge), a tab hole (for hanging on a hook), and two color options (blue and clear).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Two Pillars UniLid. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $15.

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