Ueli Steck Swiss Knife Is Perfect Tool For Your 127 Hours Adventure

I’m not a fan of the Swiss Army Knife (unless they have an SSD in tow).  The tools are hard to lock in place and they’re hardly functional for what they’re supposed to do (a “saw” that can barely cut through fingernails, really?).  This Ueli Steck Edition Wenger Titanium Knife, however, might prove to be just a tad more serviceable.

Designed with the help of professional mountaineer and speed climber, Ueli Steck, the pocket knife boasts better utility than your regular multi-tools.  How?  By actually having a serrated blade that is 50% thicker than what you find in all other tools of a similar vein.  That means, the knife might actually be able to slice something without requiring an entire day of moving your wrist back and forth.

The Ueli Steck Knife measures 3 inches when folded in, making it convenient to carry in your pocket for emergency situations.  Built for mountain-scaling adventurers of Steck’s ilk, it offers 16 different functions that some outdoorsmen may find useful.  Note that we said “some” — we’re not sure what you’re supposed to do with that many screwdrivers when you’re trekking on foot up an icy cold mountaintop (compare that with the Topeak Alien III, which justifies its multiple screwdrivers since it’s for cyclists).

Unlike the Swiss Knife I used to own, this one has a safety lock system, which will ensure that whatever tool you’re using doesn’t just fold in when you hit it at a wrong angle.  Aside from the aforementioned blades and screwdrivers, other appendages include a can opener, a cap lifter, a bit adapter and, of course, a bottle opener for popping oodles of beer (just in case you come by a liquor store on the way to the summit).

The all-titanium Ueli Steck Wenger Knife sounds like a serious multi-tool for serious outdoor types who take their pocket knives… uhm… seriously.  It’s available now, priced at $200.