Umbrella Messenger Bag Holds Your Umbrella For You

You have two hands.  While you’re walking to work in the morning, you use one to hold your coffee and the other one to text on your phone. That’s sensible enough.  Problems start, however, when it rains and you need to free up one hand to hold the umbrella.   The Umbrella Messenger Bag solves that dilemma.

Armed with an umbrella holder right on the strap, the bag will gladly keep your umbrella in place all on its own, shielding you from the rain without having to use up either of your hands.  It’s simple, straightforward and downright effective, especially these days when people can’t seem to keep their hands freed up.

The Umbrella Messenger Bag measures 10 x 3.25 x 12 inches with an interior space that should fit in most reasonably-sized notebooks, along with a few work gear.   It has a zippered main compartment, a flap with a zippered pocket, a cellphone slot on the side and a back pocket for holding the umbrella when not in use.

The umbrella holder can fit most umbrella styles, both with straight handles and curved ones like the Gunbrella.  From the looks of it, you can use it as a spare holder for similarly rod-shaped items during non-rainy days, too, like hotdogs, blowguns or those old TV antennas (you know, so you can look like a robot). Cotton canvas was used for the bag’s construction.

For some reason, I’m really surprised I’ve never seen anything like the Umbrella Messenger Bag before.  Simple and functional, it makes for one useful rainy day solution.  You can get it from Taylor Gifts, priced at $24.98.

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