Build Your Own Tabletop Games With The White Box Game Design Workshop


If you play tabletop games, chances are, you develop ideas about how to make each game better. Sometimes, you even implement those changes when playing with your friends. And it’s these types of activities that eventually lead you to develop your own games in your head. Bringing a game to life from your imagination, however, isn’t quite as easy. The White Box wants to help with that.

Billed as a “game design workshop in a box,” it’s a learning, planning, and prototyping kit that can help you design a tabletop game from the ground up. More than just giving you instructions and device, it contains tokens, dice, and all sorts of standard game elements that you can use to build a working prototype of your tabletop game idea.

The White Box Game Design Workshop comes with a 128-page book filled with guides, advice, and instructions about making games. Along with the book comes two punchboard sheets, eight six-sided dice, 100 wooden cubes, four giant wooden cubes, 24 wooden meeples, and 90 plastic discs. We wish they also included cards, although you can probably cover that, along with a sketch pad for your game maps, with a short trip to any office supply store.

A Kickstarter is currently running for the White Box Game Design Workshop. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $30.

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