World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Comes With 32,256 Pieces

Personally, I’d never want to play with a jigsaw puzzle that contains 32,256 pieces.  That’s a ridiculous amount of pieces to keep track of.  With my organizational skills, I’ll probably lose one within the first hour of use.  If you’ve got a little more confidence in your abilities to keep all those little pieces reined in, you might enjoy the gigantic Double Retrospect puzzle from Ravensburger that features a retrospective of Keith Haring’s art.

Verified by the Guinness Records as the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world, it measures a whopping 20.1 x 6.25 feet.  That means, make sure you have the floor space to assemble a puzzle of that size and the wall space to put it up later (unless you want to break it apart again for whatever reason, of course).

The Double Retrospect puzzle allows you to put together 32 of Keith Haring’s canvas creations, lined up like a wall in your favorite hip, contemporary art museum. Pieces are made from premium grade cardboard (extra strong), with a linen finish print to minimize the glare.

Weighing 37.5 lbs, it comes with its own trolley, so you can haul it around without having to overwork your non-existent muscles.  Inside the oversized box, the pieces are further packaged into eight bags, each of which will form one full section of the complete puzzle.

If you’re a fan of Keith Haring’s poppy, graffiti-inspired artwork or just enjoy massive jigsaw puzzles, the Ravensburger Double Retrospect should be make for an interesting project.  It’s on preorder at Firebox, priced at £199.99.