Your Gold Fish Is Now Ready To Fetch

fish-trainingOkay, we all know that you can teach your dog to roll over, play dead and fetch.  And we know you can teach your cat to uh, well, to use the litter box anyway.  But how about your goldfish? What tricks does Goldie do to impress your friends and family?

Well now you can teach him with the R2 Fish Training School Kit.  This kit includes everything you need to teach your fish to play soccer, basketball, football weave through alternating poles, or swim through tubes.  You’ll amaze your friends when you teach your fish tricks never seen before in the human world.

The Kit includes a Instructional DVD, a training platform,  a training manual with photos, over 20 fish-patible accessories including a football, basketball, and soccer ball and a weighted training platform to use in your tank or bowl.

Watch the embedded video to see an actual fish trained with the R2 Fish Training School Kit. No stunt doubles, no special effects just a fish doing tricks I can’t even get my dog to do – or my kids for that matter.  All I can say about this kit?  It’s fishtastic! Okay, I should be drug out in the street and shot for that one, shouldn’t I?