No Space For A Home Office? Not A Problem With Menu’s Wall Desk


When it comes to bringing a work space into the tiniest homes, nothing works better than a wall-mounted writing table. Not only does it let you have a dedicated space to set down a laptop and work supplies, it does that without taking up valuable floor space, too. The Menu Wall Desk does things even better, integrating a drop-down design that allows you to fold up the desk up against the wall, so it stays out of the way when not in use.

Designed by Norm.Architects, it looks like a closed cabinet with a drop-down door when not in use.  Open it up, though, and you get a fully-functional table surface that you can use as a home office, a mini-bar, or a place to binge on TV shows on the tablet while the wife hogs the living room TV.


The Menu Wall Desk has a table surface measuring 21 x 23. 5 inches, which should provide enough room to hold a laptop and a cup of your favorite beverage on the side.  A sloped compartment above the desk allows you to hide cables and connector from plain sight, all while serving as a functional shelf for gadgets, office supplies, and whatever junk food you like to much on while getting work done (or not done, depending on how things are going) on a computer.  Features include a wooden construction, a leather strap to keep the table folded up, and a maximum desk load of 44 pounds.


Available now, the Menu Wall Desk is priced at $200.

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Newton

    In a tight space, what more could you ask for? It gets the job done and the only thing I would do is hang it a little higher so I could stand at it, rather than sit.

  2. Pete

    This would be a great thing to buy if you have a smaller home and rent it out on AirBnb. This feature could help you get more bookings. Make sure you mount in into the studs so it can support some weight. It is a good product, but I’d be just as happy stacking up some plastic milk crates and placing a board over them.

    I can see this being real popular in smaller apartments, not necessarily for the office use aspect, but for easily accessible storage. It is made in Vietnam. Vietnam produced products can be hit-or-miss when it comes to quality, even when it is mad ein the same factory. Norm.Architects designed this product and I assume it is of higher quality because I can’t see Norm.Architects lending their name out to a sub-par product. K-Mart used to sell something very similar to this, but the quality was awful.

    It’s not a product I would buy, but I can see a market for it. If they could get the price down a little more and keep the quality high, I can see these being purchased by college students for their dorm room. I would mount a picture on the bottom of it and then when the lod was closed it would be visible. In the 90’s and early 00’s this would not have been able to hold your home office. The huge tower and bulky monitors generally needed a large area, but fortunately todays powerful laptops and other smaller devices will fit in any nook and cranny like this.

    It looks great and I can see a lot of potential in this product, but it is not for me.

  3. Nicky

    If you have limited space at home then you can probably relate to a desk just not being in the cards. I have spent years working from home. I’ll spend some days at the kitchen table, other times standing near the kitchen counter to mix it up. Other days, I’ve literally sat on the edge of my bed to finish my work. I’m so shocked I’ve yet to come across something wall mounted. I have a wall-mounted TV (game changer!), and find it interesting this idea never crossed my mind. The size and shape of this piece is stunning. When not in use, you can simply fold it up and won’t even notice it. When I get mine, I plan on decorating the bottom so it becomes a decorative piece as well.

  4. Laura

    Yes, yes and even more yes! I’m not even kidding, this is by far the most cost effective and functional desk I have ever had. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve gone through more desks than the average person. I’m able to store all my little pieces in the upper portion, place my laptop down on the lower half. There is so much space that I forget this is a “mini” desk. I really enjoy the fact that no floor space is required and my desk quickly becomes a wall decoration after all is said and done. For those times when a little more space is needed, I simply pull a little table up next to me. It’s perfect for my needs!


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