7-In-1 Rotating Game Table Puts An Entire Game Room In A Single Rig


Looking to stock your game room with a good amount of tabletop games?  Look no further than the 7-in-1 Rotating Game Table, which bundles seven classic tabletop fares in a single rig.  And they’re no lousy roll-the-dice board games either.

Instead, you get fully-functional foosball, ping-pong, air hockey, backgammon and pool tables, each occupying an entire panel of the rotating surfaces.  There are also smaller games, chess and checkers, together on one side to round out the package.  Simply put, this is a real gaming rig with competitive games you will actually want to play.


Boasting fiber board and plastic construction, topped off with a modern design, the 7-in-1 Rotating Game Table should fit right in with any room of your house.  No repeated assembly and disassembly required – simply rotate to other games once you get bored of one playing surface.  It comes with all the accoutrements needed for each game, such as cues for pool, rackets for table tennis and a magnetized disc for air hockey.


At a 42.5 x 33 x 33 dimension, it offers just enough size to accommodate each of the bundled games, so you can enjoy a variety of pastimes during the next “boys’ night in.”  Just make sure to prop it near an outlet (so you can plug in when a bout of air hockey is in order) and a kegerator (so you don’t have to travel far distances for beer).

It ships unassembled, so you can spend the first night getting drunk while putting it together.  The next night, you can marvel at just how amazing an idea a 7-in-1 Rotating Game Table actually is.  All while getting drunk, of course.  On the night after that, you can probably begin playing with friends.  You can get one for $497, which actually doesn’t sound half-bad.

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