Ultimate Pepper Mill For The Ultimate Pepper Addict In Your Life


Some people like a lot of salt in their food. Other prefers a whole lot of pepper. If you belong in the latter crew, we doubt life will be complete without this Ultimate Pepper Mill sitting somewhere in the kitchen.

A monster-sized pepper mill, it announces to every guest who wanders into the kitchen that crushed pepper is your spice of choice and nothing else comes close.   More importantly, it lets you keep a healthy supply of pungent peppercorn just waiting to be pulverized, ensuring you’re never out of the hot-tasting condiment, whether you’re pan-frying a steak, eating Chinese takeout, or diving into a pizza cake.

The Ultimate Pepper Mill measures a whopping three-feet tall, ensuring you can put it anywhere in the kitchen with little chance of missing it when you get the urge to add a lot of pepper to the ice cream, muffin, or cake (yeah, that’s gross, but we’re talking about you here). It weighs 7 pounds on its own, with the capacity to hold up to two pounds of peppercorn, so you can use it as a dumbbell for light exercises while waiting for the pot to boil.

A commercial-grade stainless steel grinding mechanism lurks inside, waiting for someone to turn the top knob and put a half dozen peppercorns out of their misery. Even better, the grind can adjust from fine to coarse, with an indicator at the knob, making it easy to get the exact kind of pepper you’d like on a dish. Construction is hardwood, with a satin ebony finish.

Want one? The Ultimate Pepper Mill is available now, priced at $179.95.

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