Ariel Ace Can Be Cruiser, Naked Bike, Sports Bike Or Any Other Bike You Want

Fifty years after they produced their last motorcycle, the innovative minds behind the Ariel Atom are back with a new two-wheeled road-raging behemoth.  And it’s unlike any other.  Called the Ariel Ace, it is, quite possibly, the most customizable motorcycle in the world.

Out of all the bike parts, the only things that aren’t customizable are the engine, the Ducati-ish machined aluminum frame, and the transmission.  Everything else, from the fork to the seat to the exhaust system to the fuel tank, can be equipped according to your specifications, so you can dress this up into any bike you want, whether you’re in the buying mood for a cruiser, a sports bike, or a Frankenstein configuration you’ve always wanted but could never find.

The Ariel Ace will be running on a tuned 173-horsepower Honda 1237cc VFR1200F V4 powerplant, which will be mated to either a manual or dual clutch setup with an automatic mode.  Top speed is 165 mph, with a 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of 3.4 seconds, although your exact numbers will probably depend on the individual configuration you end up going with.  You specify the specs you want upon ordering, at which point it will be hand-built at Ariel’s factory by a single technician, so you have only one person to direct your frustrations at when you don’t get exactly what you wanted.

We can’t find an exact date when well-heeled motorcycle enthusiasts can begin ordering their own Ariel Ace, but price is being approximated at around £20,000.

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