BauBax Travel Jacket Packs A Veritable Multi-Tool Of Talents


We don’t know if we buy Baubax’s claim of being the world’s best travel jacket yet. What we do know is, it’s certainly ambitious, equipping an erstwhile ordinary jacket with a veritable multi-tool of functions.

Similar to travel jackets like the ScotteVest, it goes very generous on the pockets, with dedicated pouches for the kind of items someone traveling on the road will normally carry. Unlike them, it comes with actual items integrated on the jacket, including a pillow, a blanket, a pen, and more.


The BauBax has designated pockets for holding you phone, tablet, charging cable, passport, a drinking flask (insulated, so you can preserve the drink’s temperature), sunglasses (with built-in microfiber cloth for cleaning the lens), and even your hands (multi-layered for warming your hands in cold weather). There are separate pockets with integrated accessories, including one on the collar for an inflatable neck pillow, one on the lower left side for the BauBax Blanket (a separate $25 add-on), a travel eye mask built into the hood, gloves that can slide in and out of the sleeves, and built-in earphone holders, so you can keep them ready to use right on the jacket.

Other features include a detachable zipper that functions as a telescoping pen and stylus, a detachable hood (so it turns from hoodie to blazer in an instant), and a detachable pillow (so you can nap in different positions). It comes in four different styles, sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer, with separate sets for men and women.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for BauBax. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $109.

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