Biersafe Lets You Chill Your Beer Underground In The Backyard


Yes, the fridge is the perfect place to stash all your beer, so you can always have a cold one on tap any time you get the inkling for a drink. It works when you live alone. When you have roommates or a family, though, everyone else may have a different idea about what should be taking up room in the fridge. The Biersafe offers an alternative way to stash your beer while keeping it cold.

An underground beer cooler, it consists of a tube that installs on a hole in the ground and a removable rack that can hold multiple bottles of beer. When placed inside the tube, the ground’s natural insulation can keep it at low temperatures the entire time, allowing you to chill the beer without taking up extra space in the fridge.


The Biersafe comes in two sizes: one with a rack that can hold eight bottles and a bigger unit that can hold up to 16. When used, the tube installs vertically on the ground, with the rack holding up to four bottles on each row of shelves. The smaller one measures a little over a foot and a half tall, while the larger one doubles that, so you won’t have to dig too deep when installing either one in the backyard. It comes with a bottle opener at the top of the rack, so you can quickly pop a cap open every time you pick up a fresh supply.


You can buy the Biersafe directly from the official website.

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