This Storage Cabinet Attaches To Back Of Any Door

Need a new cabinet, no place to install it in?  Not a problem with this Back of the Door Cabinet, which lets you turn that erstwhile unused space into an extra storage container around the house.

While you can always throw on hooks right on the door, that solution usually gets messy in a short while, with folks hanging all sorts of chunky items that can hinder the door’s proper operation.  Plus, if you choose the wrong hooks, those can end up damaging the walls.  This one spares you from all that hassle.

The Back of the Door Cabinet uses a unique connection system that allows it to install right on an existing door’s hinges.  That way, any installation work is minimal, with no need to drill as with regular wall-mounted units.  When the door is opened, it folds into the door; once closed, it swings open parallel to the wall, so you can use it like a regular wall cabinet.  You can also close it manually by pushing it towards the door.

Designed for versatile use, the cabinet comes with six adjustable shelves, so you can arrange shelf sizes depending on whether you’re installing it in the pantry (for spices and condiments), in the bathroom (for toiletries), in the bedroom (for perfumes, colognes, and pocketables) or anywhere else in the house.  It measures 35 x 16 x 3.75 inches (h x w x d) and features MDF construction.

Want one?  Hammacher Schlemmer has the Back of the Door Cabinet available now, priced at $129.95

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