Clever Cutter Pairs A Knife And A Cutting Board On A Scissor… Really


Knives and cutting boards go together like a perennial pair in the kitchen. Whenever one’s nearby, the other’s usually not that far away. We guess that’s why someone decided to just combine them into a single kitchen tool and this Clever Cutter is the result.

Styled to work like a pair of scissors, it puts a knife on one side and a small cutting board on the other, so you can slice vegetables, meats, and other food items with the same ease you cut stuff into pieces using a sharp pair of scissors. We don’t know if it works better than just sticking with a knife and cutting board combo, but with the ability to let you chop a whole lot of food items without having to use up any counter space, it sure looks like a more convenient option.


While the Clever Cutter won’t replace knives and cutting boards for everything (we doubt you’ll be slicing raw meats with this anytime soon), there are plenty of tasks where it could make for a much better alternative. You can, for instance, slice vegetables right into the wok when making stir-fry, chop fruits directly to your yogurt, or cut up sausages straight into the hash cooking in the skillet. It comes with an angled stainless steel blade that, the outfit claims, can retain its sharpness for a long time, with a safety button that locks the tool in a closed position to prevent accidents when it’s not in use.


Available now, the Clever Cutter is priced at $19.99.

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