Clippa Lady: Your Hair Clip Is Now A Multi-Tool


Girls use multi-tools, too, but we doubt many of them will want to carry the same brusque-looking, bulky designs that companies like Leatherman and Victorinox make. When it comes to being convenient and out of the way, few multi-tools will be able to hold up against the Clippa Lady.

A multi-function hair clip, long-locked men and women can use it to hold their hair in place, all while also doubling as one of many possible tools in a pinch. At its size, you won’t expect to use it to fix your bike, bust you out of a wreck, or perform emergency first aid procedures any time soon, but for light-duty, everyday functions, it’s equipped enough to handle a variety of common tasks.


The Clippa Lady is a smaller version of the original Clippa multi-tool, measuring just 4.92 x 2.87 x 0.82 inches. Within those tiny dimensions, it’s able to fit a bottle opener, a scraper, a small flathead screwdriver (which should be handy opening packages, too), a ruler, a serrated knife, and even a nail file for shaping your fingernails while waiting for the valet to bring back your Volkswagen Jetta. Or something like that. Made mostly from steel, it comes with a very pink finish.


Available now, the Clippa Lady is priced at $9.99.