Cooltower Candle Melts Down Like A Nuclear Plant In 18 Hours


That miniature nuclear plant you have set up in the hobby room sure looks fun.  Know what would make it more fun, though?  Enacting a live nuclear meltdown on the scene.  While a couple of firecrackers will probably help on that end, we’re thinking this Cooltower Candle will make a fine addition to your catastrophic nuclear collapse.

Created by Maykel Roovers (the same dude who built those awesome miniature nuclear plant building blocks), it’s a candle cast in the shape of a nuclear plant’s cooling tower, making for a perfect piece to throw into your miniature nuclear plant setup.  To send one of the towers crumbling, simply light the candle and leave it to melt — the disaster should take care of itself.

The Cooltower Candle is made from paraffine and comes in seven colors — black, brown, gray, green, pink, blue and white.  Each one comes in a cylindrical box, with a lid that’s appropriately labeled as a nuclear hazard for extra giggles.  We’re not sure how tall the candles are, but they have a burn time of 18 hours before melting down (and, we guess, turning everything within a couple dozen miles into awesome mutants of sorts).

Maykel has the Cooltower Candles available from his website.

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