CreekKooler Is A Kayak-Shaped Ice Box You Can Tow Behind A Boat


Most folks strap down a cooler to their boat whenever they need to bring drinks to the water or store any fish they catch. It works well enough, but if you’d rather reserve space on the boat for other gear, you might want to check out the CreekKooler.

A floating cooler, you simply strap it to the back of any watercraft you’re taking out to the water and tow it the same you drag a trailer with your car. Whether you’re fishing, training your rowing skills, or just enjoying a quiet day in the lake, this thing lets you drag a functional cooler behind you.


The CreekKooler comes in a kayak-like shape that ensures it doesn’t look out of place in the water, with skids on the bottom side of the hull allowing you to drag it just as easily along sand or dirt. A 30-quart capacity gives it enough room to hold 30 cans of beer and 20 pounds of ice, while 1.5 inches of foam-filled insulation lets it keep drinks cold for an entire weekend. It comes with a tethered, watertight lid, so the cooler can double as dry storage for any sensitive gear.


Features include a rope handle that can connect to other ropes and carabiners, a 3/16-inch mount for displaying a flag on top of the cooler, and a durable plastic hull. It comes in three colors: red, white, and blue.

Available now, the CreekKooler is priced at $179.95.

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