Cryorig Taku: This PC Chassis Can Fit A Gaming Rig While Doubling As A Monitor Stand


Most gaming desktops end up under the table for one simple reason: there’s just no room for them anywhere on the desk. The Cryorig Taku solves this by coming in a form factor that serves as a monitor stand, ensuring there’s actually room for it right beneath your main display.

Designed as an elevated stand for your monitor, the case is reinforced with structural beams inside that deliver support, allowing it to safely support over 30 pounds of weight. The room underneath is also high enough to accommodate most any size of keyboard, allowing you to neatly tuck it underneath when it is not in use.


The Cryorig Taku has a tray inside the chassis that you can pull out for easy access to the hardware, allowing you to quickly swap out components in a whim. It has a tray large enough to accommodate a mini-ITX motherboard, with enough room in the chassis to fit a 280mm GPU, a pair of 2.5-inch SSDs, and a 3.5-inch drive, allowing you to use it to assemble a decent gaming PC. Each case comes with a 92mm system fan.


Construction is anodized aluminum for the chassis and tray, with the legs available in both wood and aluminum. Do note, the chassis only has a little over two inches of room on the interior, so you’ll encounter some limitations when it comes to your cooling options.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Cyrorig Taku. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $250.

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