Dolbeau Brings Customizable Neckwear To Your Office Attire

Most neckties you can get off the shelf are either boringly familiar or horrendously tacky.  Neither option, of course, makes for a suitable accessory for someone with your style and edge.  Dolbeau Neckwear wants to change all that.

Based in Montreal, the company specializes in ties that bring just a little more panache into your office wear.  It doesn’t matter how much you hate them, after all – if the office requires wearing one, you’re wearing one.  Even cool guys like you need to hang on to a job in this economy.

Each of Dolbeau’s neckties are designed around characteristics they describe as”casual class and quirky detailing.”  The wide end is done in one of 21 two-toned colorways (either multi-color wood plaids or metallic silks), while using contrasting solid fabrics on the narrow area.  You can customize both the length and width , as well as the tip shape (either standard, flat or jagged), allowing you to bring a little personality into that noose hanging around your neck.

Their reversible bow ties are similarly customizable, with a choice of 14 buttons (including mother of pearl, iron and corozo nut) and three styles (standard butterfly, batwing or diamond).  Of course, if you wear a bow tie, we’re automatically making fun of you, regardless of how awesome it looks, so beware.

All of Dolbeau’s ties are made upon order, so you should expect steeper pricing than your standard Wal-Mart pickup (starts at $70).  All the colorways are cut in limited batches, too, so you won’t find too many clones looking as dapper as you do every morning (you know, right before the stress of work overwhelms everything).