These Clear Ties Can Become A Wearable Ant Farm, Sea Monkey Tank, And More


A transparent plastic necktie is far from the most stylish thing you can wear to work. But when you can use that same plastic necktie as a container for your favorite obsessions, it takes on a world of nerdy possibilities that make wearing one absolutely irresistible. That’s exactly what these Clear Ties let you do.

Armed with a hole near the top (the one with a brass grommet), you can fill up the tie with anything you like, turning it into a wearable container for any current obsession. Do you like ant farms? Fill the darn thing with those ant farm gels and throw in your choice of ant species inside. How about a sea monkey tank? Just fill it with water, throw in some sea monkeys, and do the usual maintenance (drop in food and oxygenate the water once a day). Want to have an instant supply of LEGOs around for when you feel like building something? Yep, dump in a stash one by one and it’s an instant LEGO container. Just make sure to seal the hole (it comes with a plug) to ensure no drops or spills occur.


The Clear Ties are made from clear vinyl, so they should last a good bit, with watertight edges that allow them to hold liquids inside with no drips. Do note, the hole is pretty small, so you’re restricted to filling it up with smaller solid items, such as 1×1 LEGO bricks (you might squeeze bigger ones if you get creative), BB gun pellets, beads, and small candies. No, a coin won’t fit in, so you can’t use it as a piggy bank, unless you’re willing to slash a hole somewhere.


Available now, the Clear Ties are priced at $39.95.

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