ECOS Harbinger: Lambo-Inspired Looks, All-Electric Powertrain And Up To 117 Mph


For $12,500, you can bring your car down to Electric Cars of Springfield (ECOS) and have it retrofitted with an all-electric powertrain.  If you have a little more cash to spare, you can skip the entire conversion process when visiting their facilities and spend it on the Harbinger, the company’s newly-unveiled, Lamborghini-inspired electric sports car, instead.

With dozens of electric cars suddenly popping up, what makes this new creation so special?  In a nutshell, it’s cheaper than a Tesla, all while providing similar race-worthy power and attention-grabbing European lines.

The Harbinger features a German-engineered, all-aluminum chassis, with a carbon/kevlar composite bodykit and Lambo-style scissor doors that mirror the glance-inducing appearance of Italian supercars.  Underneath the luxury exterior lies an 11-inch Netgain DC motor, fed by a 30kW LiFePO4 battery pack.  Together, the powertrain combines for an electronically-limited top speed of 117 mph, with a maximum range of 150 miles (if you drive it conservatively, of course).  It can do a 0 to 60 in less than six seconds.

Yep, it looks like a Lambo, performs like a Tesla and costs cheaper than your standard supercar.   In its current configuration (the one they showed at SEMA 2009), it even comes with the MiMod EV monitoring system, a touchscreen dashboard facility that offers real-time information on vehicle performance, along with GPS, audio playback and wireless internet.  There’s no word on whether that comes with the stock unit, however.

ECOS is debuting the Harbinger for $89,995 beginning February of 2010.  They’re also taking pre-orders now.

[ECOS Motors via AutoBlogGreen]