Forget Work At Home, The H2Office Lets You Work At Sea!


You’ve already got an office in your backyard.  Now, it’s time to take unconventional workplaces to the next level with the H2Office, a compact office unit designed to float in the water.

Why would you want do that?  Well, I’m not entirely sure.  Maybe, working in a 30-story building at the commercial center cramps your style.  Perhaps, fishing or sunbathing both sound like better activities to enjoy during your lunch break.  Heck, maybe your business caters to the kind of people who spend all day in the docks or on the beach.


Whatever reason you have for wanting one, the H2Office will ably fill in.  Measuring nine meters long, each floating office comes with enough space to fit in a couple of desks, a fold-out bed (in case you decide to burn the midnight oil working), a lounge area for entertaining guests and a kitchenette.  For taking a quick respite from the demands of a busy day, they even threw in a sun deck on top.


Designed for berthing in a marina or a private waterway, the floating office isn’t impossible to situate in deeper waters too, although you’ll probably find it difficult to get a permit for that.   It runs on 240V shore-power, although they can outfit it to accommodate DC power or onboard generators, depending on your requests.  They’re also open to customizations, such as air-conditioning and teak floors.  We’re not sure where the bathroom is, but I guess that’s what the big, blue sea is for.  Eeew.

The H2Office is available from UK-based WaterSpace, with prices starting at £59,950 (plus VAT).

[Floating Offices via Red Ferret]