Cheese Degrees Lets You Slice Cheese In Ultra-Precise Portions


Like other cutting boards, you can use Cheese Degrees to cut, slice, and dice a big block of cheese. Unlike them, it comes with measurement guides that allow you to cut that cheese up in precise and even dimensions.

Made by Fred & Friends, the cutting board comes with multiple guides that let you work with any size of cheese, whether it’s a big block, a round ball, or a messy chunk. Whether you’re cutting cheese in cubes for finger food, in slices for a backyard barbecue, or in larger portions to feed a particularly hungry friend, this thing lets you do that without second-guessing your measurements.


The Fred & Friends Cheese Degrees has a large protractor-style guide mark for working with round cheeses, an eight-inch straight rule for cutting it up in precise lengths, and individual guide marks for cubes, chunks, hunks, slices, slivers, and slabs. We don’t know if there’s any official dimensions for each of those, by the way, but this thing should let you cut your cheese in the exact same sizes every single time. Each of the guide marks are engraved, too, so there’s no chance they’re going to fade over time.


Construction is bamboo, so this should last as long as any reasonably durable cutting board. And while it’s intended for cheese, those guides should come in handy for any type of grub, too, although at 6.9 x 8.5 inches, it’s mostly restricted to smaller food items.

Available now, the Fred & Friends Cheese Degrees is priced at $20.

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