Gamepad Chopping Board Looks Like A Retro Controller

Gaming has nothing to do with kitchen duties.  But if you’re going to outfit your kitchen with a tacky video game theme, this Gamepad Chopping Board makes for the most awesome slicing and dicing work surface.

Granted, life would be more awesome if all you had to do was punch a control pad in order to get all your food preparation done.  Sadly, that’s not what you get here.  Instead, it’s a funky cutting board decked as a retro NES game pad, which should help make the slave work of preparing dinner halfway more tolerable.

Designed by Joseph Joseph, the Gamepad Chopping Board measures 40 x 30 cm., giving you ample space to perform all your food-cutting tasks, whether you’re dicing onions or hacking at a pig’s leg.  The work surface features the iconic NES retro layout and color scheme, with a few cooking-related tweaks (like Slice and Dice, instead of Select and Start, and a silhouette of a chopped carrot in place of the Nintendo label).

Made from toughened glass, the board is resistant to stains and odors, allowing you to use it for any type of food item.  It comes with non-slip rubber feet at the bottom to ensure it stays in place even after being put through your most vicious strikes.

Since the Gamepad Chopping Board looks like a giant retro control pad, it should handily double as a prop in case you ever dress up as a NES console for Halloween.  Or a retro Super Mario or something like that.  It’s available from Firebox, priced  at £14.99.