Gengis Khan Warrior Training

warrior_trainingWhen I take a trip, it’s to treat myself. I relax and take in better weather, beautiful places and a whole lot of fun. But for those of you who prefer a more self torturous approach to your vacations, you might be interested in this.

Recently featured in the BBC book, Unforgettable Things to do Before You Die, this Gengis Khan Warrior Training cultural and activity vacation is certainly intensive. Gengis Khan was the founder of the Mongolian nation and actually conquered most of the world (as you do), earning himself a reputation as one of history’s greatest military leaders. This activity package vacation takes place in Mongolia and is a 9 day adventure. You spend much of your time in traditional Mongolian dress, you go for a not-so-casual horseback trek across the Mongolian Steppe, brush up on those archery skills (because, of course, you never know when you will need to pull out your bow and arrow and do a Robin Hood) and meet nomadic Mongolian herders. Is it just me who thinks that even going as far as Mongolia is adventurous in itself?

The accommodation is also as was in the times of Gengis Khan, with the aim of the 9 days being to completely immerse adventurers in that period of time and provide the ultimate opportunity to experience what life would have been like back in those days. I doubt they had plasma screen TVs back then though and so, for me, this really isn’t something I’d consider a break!

For me, this is probably my idea of punishment as opposed to a holiday I would pay thousands of dollars for.  But for the adventurous souls amongst you, this is apparently very much an unforgettable, once in a lifetime type of experience that is well worth every cent you pay for it and more besides. You can find a full itinerary as well as pricing information from the High and Wild holiday site.