Undercover Cool Bag Puts A Cooler Inside A Discreet Dry Bag


It looks like a dry bag. You know, the kind you’ll bring to the beach to make sure none of your gear accidentally gets wet. Except, the Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag is actually a soft cooler that you can use to hide your refreshments in plain sight while keeping them chilled and icy for the rest of the afternoon.

Designed to not just look like a dry bag but bear its technical qualities, too, this might be the most discreet way to bring a cooler any time you’re going near the water. Whether you’re riding jet skis on the beach, fishing on a lake, or just goofing around with friends at a falls near your camp, this lets you bring refreshments without the hassle of a traditional cooler’s boxy form factor.


The Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag has an outer panel that’s cut in rip-stop tarpaulin, so it’s as impenetrable to water as any dry bag you can find at the local outdoor store. Inside, though, it has a padded and insulated core that’s designed to keep ice for up to 48 hours, making it suitable enough as a cooler for day trips and overnight excursions. It’s also sized like a regular dry bag, by the way, so it can only hold a maximum of 18 cans (or 14 bottles), which should be sufficient enough to get a small group’s thirst properly quenched for a day.


The bag, by the way, can float in the water, so you can take this to the kayak with you without having to worry about losing your refreshments. Other features include a heat-welded seams to keep cold air from getting out, YKK weather-resistant coil-zip closure, a concealed metal bottle opener, and a weatherproof front pocket for stashing other stuff.


The Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag is available now, priced at $139.

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