Halo Headphones Pumps Music, Keeps Your Face Dry

Does hot music make you sweat? It’s probably a medical condition, but we’ll be happy to pretend it’s not. Instead, you can try to remedy it with the Halo Headphones, a pair of high-fidelity earphones housed inside a sweat-absorbing headband.

Designed for listening to music while working out, the sweat band wears securely around your head, all while holding the listening device comfortably over your ears. With no stuff falling out of your lugholes or cables getting in your way, it allows for unimpeded musical enjoyment even while engaged in active physical exertions.

The Halo Headphones is a free-sized sweat band designed to mount on your head. It holds a custom pair of headphones rocking large 36mm audio drivers, with cutouts (which they call “halos”) along the inner side panel where the actual earpieces are supposed to come out of. A slot around the back is included to make way for the meter-long cable, so you can connect it to your portable music player. It’s bundled with a two-pin adapter too for airplane use.

Because the actual headphones are detachable, you can use a different pair from what ships in the box. The custom ones they offer are sized to fit the cutouts, though, and come with a flat design, so we’re not sure if another brand will be just as comfortable. The headbands are also washable, which is kinda important since you will be sweating like a pig on it.

According to its creators, the Halo Headphones aren’t only perfect for exercise, they’re comfortable enough to wear while sleeping too. They’re sold out of Australia and are available for around $45.

[Halo Headphones via Red Ferret]