Hands Free Headgear Is A Comfy Head Mount For Your Google Cardboard Headset


The Google Cardboard is awesome, allowing you to DIY a VR headset using nothing but recycled cardboard and your Android smartphone. Holding it in your hand while enjoying stereoscopic content, however, definitely isn’t convenient. Hands-Free Headgear is a wearable adapter that lets you safely and comfortably secure Google Cardboard to your face.

Designed to be worn on your head, the contraption comfortably secures like a ball cap, adding supports on the top and the back of your head to keep Google’s viewer at eye level the whole time. No uncomfortable straps that cut over the ears and pull the cardboard edges to your face, allowing you to enjoy VR content comfortably, while munching on Cheetos and drinking a Coke.  Or something similar.


Hands Free Headgear has the frame of a barebones helmet, with two adjustable straps (one on the top and another on the back of your head) providing a secure fit. It has arm-like protrusions on the sides designed to accommodate a Google Cardboard viewer, which mounts onto the headwear using 3M’s Dual Lock tape, which is really more like Velcro than tape, so you can adjust its placement multiple times over with no loss in adhesive strength. Different versions of the headwear are available, depending on whether you’re using the original or the 2.0 version of Google Cardboard. Construction is plastic for the main frame, with the visor and the arms cut in metal to provide adequate support for heavier smartphones.

Available from Amazon, Hands Free Headgear is priced at $13.95 for the original viewer and $29.95 for Cardboard 2.0.

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