Hot Can Christmas Dinner: Because It’s A Lonely World Out There

We’re not sure why the Hot Can Christmas Dinner is marketed specifically for the holidays.  If you’re eating alone during Christmas, you’re probably eating alone most of the year, too.  At any rate, it’s here: hot food in a can with no other appliance necessary.

You want hot food but you have no cooktop, no microwave and absolutely no way to heat canned grub?  That’s not a problem with this canned holiday feast (ummm… snack), which can self-heat all by its lonesome (no, really).   According to the product page, it uses a safe exothermic reaction that will heat up the food in 12 minutes if you follow instructions.

To activate the self-heating function on the Hot Can Christmas Dinner, just remove the plastic lid, punch a few holes and pull out the metal lid on the can.  The “waiting 12 minutes” part happens somewhere in there, we’re not just sure where, but full instructions should come with the food itself when you pick one up.   It’s supposed to be piping hot, too, so it’s a real warm dinner that should spare you a smidgen from the depressing prospects of eating alone during the season to be jolly.  Each can contains approximately 400 grams of turkey casserole with winter vegetables, chipolatas (which, as it turns out, are a type of British sausage), stuffing balls and cranberry jelly.

Of course, this isn’t just for folks celebrating the holidays alone.  This can very well work for guys forced to celebrate with vegetarian in-laws (to get some hot meat into your system), students on a budget (it’s cheap and hot) and backpackers taking a weekend off in the wild (hot food without cooking).

The Hot Can Christmas Dinner is available for pre-order from Firebox, priced at £5.99.

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