iRobot Looj: Cleaning Gutters Suck, Let The Robots Do It


Is it that time of the year again? Experts recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice in the span of twelve months and, no matter how you spin it, sifting through those dirt and leaves is one hellish chore. Not only is it difficult and dirty, it’s also dangerous. Good thing there’s a robot to do the job.

The iRobot Looj sweeps through your gutter like Pac-Man in a maze, clearing off everything in its path. As it travels through the channel, it blasts through everything it can find, including leaves, dust, dirt, debris and sludge. No more climbing shaky ladders, scraping off tough dirt and scooping out leaves as far as you can reach – just let that robot loose and clean up everything from one spot.


Measuring 17 x 12.5 x 4 inches (LxWxH), the Looj is a self-propelling robot that pushes its way into your gutter, leaving it clean and debris-free in the process. Sporting a three-step auger on its nose that spins at 500 RPM, it breaks up the clogs, tosses it out of the gutter (down to whoever’s on the ground, so stay clear) and brushes the area clean. Fast and efficient, it can go through an entire 60-foot channel in just 10 minutes, which is probably the time it would normally take you to clean one end of the entire thing.

Designed to work during all seasons, the path-clearing machine is waterproof up to one foot, letting you run it through clogged sections even under the rain. It operates via a remote control (up to 75 feet), with adjustable speed and direction. That way, you can have it run on reverse to return to you once it’s reaches the end of the line.

Available for $169.99, you’ll be silly not to get an iRobot Looj if you ever clean out gutters in your home. The time and trouble it saves you alone are worth the money, much less the medical bills that you’ll incur in case you get injured from all that ladder-climbing. Package comes with two rechargeable batteries, a belt clip and a rugged case.

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