Kenneth Cole Touchscreen Watch Puts Finger-Tapping On Your Wrist

Soon, our mirrors, toilets and clothes will be covered with touchscreen displays too. I know because I came from the future (it’s true). Until then, make your touch sensitive universe even bigger with the Kenneth Cole Touchscreen Watch, a digital timepiece with a touch-enabled dial.

Overkill? Not really. Lest we forget so soon, we had a touch sensor Casio watch back in the 80s, so it’s really nothing new. Except it’s more fitting now, since we’ll have touchscreens on everything in the coming years. Might as well get used to it while the kids still think you’re moderately cool.

Because of the touch controls, the Kenneth Cole Touchscreen Watch achieves a cleaner, more clutter-free design. Instead of having four buttons like most digital wristwatches, it has just one – right at the two o’clock position for turning the watch on and off. Features include 32-city world time, a chronograph, alarm capabilities and electro-luminescent backlight, all accessible via the touchscreen controls. It has a 38mm round face inside a stainless steel case, with a choice of either a silicon strap or enamel-coated link band. And unlike your favorite touchscreen gadgets, it’s water resistant, so you can dip it in the bathtub without crying yourself a river afterwards.

Sure, it’s not the most high-tech use of a touchscreen, but you gotta love the clean, minimalist result. Okay, you don’t have to love it. We all know you’re all about them wacky, blinding, sense-numbing wrist candy anyway.

The Kenneth Cole Touchscreen Watch is available now, priced at $150 for the silicon model and $175 with the enamel-coated band.

[Kenneth Cole via Ubergizmo]