Strengthen Your Lungs With The Long Piropiro Giant Tongue


When you’re running, there comes a point when your lung goes into overdrive. Your legs are still strong, but your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. So you suck a big one, in the hopes that it will give you second wind. Instead, you end up gasping for air, unable to continue. Yeah, you need a way to strengthen your lungs. This Long Piropiro claims it’s the right the tool for the job.

A unique exercise device, it lets you work out your lungs in isolation the same way you work out any part of your body in the gym. Except, it doesn’t look like an exercise tool, looking more like a toy that children will use to pretend like they have an excessively long tongue.


The Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool is, basically, a party horn sans the part that makes party noises. Just like the classic children’s party staple, it consists of a long, coiled paper tube that extends when you blow into it, so you can use it to annoy your wife by touching her face from the other end of the couch while she’s trying to watch Jane the Virgin. Even better, though, it looks like a giant tongue, so you can feel like you’re that mutant Toad every time you exhale into the blower. It measures 3.3 feet when fully extended, with markings along the tube for measuring your progress.   We’re not entirely sure how this goofy thing will strengthen your lungs, but we’re willing to try anything Japanese at least once.

Available now, the Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool is priced at $18.

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