If Bees Ate Chili: Mike’s Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey may sound like the title of a naughty website, but it isn’t.  Instead, the name is meant to be taken more literally than that.  There’s this guy Mike who decided to mix honey with chili peppers and put it in bottles for your  gastronomic consumption.

If you’ve been putting honey and hot sauce on some of your dishes for that sweet-and-spicy explosion, then you know how well they can go together.  Well, this new product cuts out the mixing and puts both of them in the same container.  We’re not sure how it tastes, but the idea sure sounds appetizing.

Packed in 12 oz. bottles, Mike’s Hot Honey is made from a mix of honey, vinegar and hot chilies — though we’re not certain of the portions involved.  It can supposedly be stored at room temperature with no need for refrigeration, ready to serve as a condiment or a cooking ingredient without any special preparations.

Granted, you probably won’t be putting this in your green tea or coffee soon.  For actual food like shrimps, fish and steaks, though, this sounds like a unique taste worth trying out. The website gives some suggestions for food pairing, which includes a few I’m not too inclined to try (vanilla ice cream, buttermilk biscuits) and some that make perfect sense (pizza, fried chicken).

If you like honey and you like chili, we can’t imagine not wanting to try out Mike’s Hot Honey.  The Brooklyn crew behind it are selling the loot for $6 a bottle.

[Mike’s Hot Honey via Uncrate]