New York Pizza Burger Packs 2,520 Calories In A Single Bun

Is there a contest going on for which fastfood is going to be deemed the unhealthiest by 2011?  That should explain the existence of increasingly ridiculous fare, like this 2,520-calorie New York Pizza Burger from Burger King.

Exclusively available at the BK Whopper Bar in Times Square, the giant of a sandwich takes two stalwarts of your unhealthy eating habits and combines them into one extra-large treat.  They cut it up into six pizza-like slices, so you can both share it with friends or eat it yourself without looking like a gluttonous pig with a sandwich bigger than your head.

The New York Pizza Burger uses four full-size, flame-broiled Whopper patties, topped with a heaping of erstwhile pizza ingredients, such as pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, Tuscan pesto sauce and marinara sauce.  A 9.5-inch sesame seed bun houses the whole assembly, which is served in a cardboard box.  Like all self-respecting fastfood dishes meant to fatten you up (before slaughter by the robot overlords), there’s not a single vegetable in sight.

Burger King is quick to point out that the heart-attack-in-a-box is meant to be shared, rather than consumed by a single individual.  Yeah, as if that’s really going to stop you from downing one (or, more likely, two) all by your lonesome, right?

Seriously, though, the New York Pizza Burger looks too thin.  I say, abandon all pretenses and put four more patties in there – let’s take this obsession with gluttony all the way.  New Yorkers can get their fill for a respectable $12.99 each.

[BK via Geekologie]