Oak Bottle Can Infuse Any Beverage With A Smoky Flavor In Hours


They say whiskey derives much of its taste from the oak barrels that serve as their containers during aging. This Oak Bottle claims to do the same, infusing any beverage you pour inside with the extravagant aromas and earthy flavors of the acorn-bearing wood.

I know what you’re thinking. Who the heck would have the patience to age a bottle of beer in an oak vessel for an entire month just to give it a smoky flavor? Fortunately, that’s not necessary, as this is designed to provide an accelerated oaking process that allows to impart the earthy flavors and aromas in a fraction of the time.


According to its creators, the Oak Bottle can improve any beverage’s taste with just hours of aging, so you can pour beer in one before leaving in the morning and come home to a beautifully-infused beer early in the evening. It comes in three sizes, 750ml, 355ml, and 150ml, all of which are made from American white oak that’s been charred inside to a medium toast level. Since you only age your drinks for hours, not months, it takes a long time to fully saturate the charred oak inside, allowing you to use it for a whole lot of drinks many times over.


To use, simply fill it with water and leave it there for a minimum of four hours, after which you empty it and pour in your alcohol. You can check periodically to see whether you’ve reached the desired taste, then close it back up again if it isn’t quite there yet.

Pricing for the Oak Bottle starts at $39.95.

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