Oliver Sweeney’s New Hiking Boots Has A Dedicated Pouch For A Drinking Flask


Stuffing a drinking flask on the inside of your boot when hiking isn’t exactly new. Folks have long been doing it to bring a little libation while engaging in outdoor recreational pursuits. The Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Skye Light Brown Boots, however, does other boots one better by coming with a dedicated flask pocket for your stash of alternative refreshment.

A special collaboration release between the luxury brand and the premium distillery, the shoes are named after the latter’s hometown of the Isle of Skye in Carbost, Scotland. Which is totally fitting, since the darn thing has an integrated pouch on the left boot that’s sized to accommodate a bundled drinking flask for all your mid-hike boozing needs.


The Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Skye is a fairly traditional hiking boot that should make for an excellent option during those days you want to go on a hike while also getting a little buzzed. It has an upper cut in full grain Italian leather that’s burnished by hand in the shoemaker’s Le Marche workshop, so this should bear the same quality as any of the outfit’s premium footwear. That upper is paired to Vintage St. Moritz soles, which is a popular choice for many of the outfit’s hiking boots, so this thing should offer enough grip and durability to actually wear on the trail.

Of course, the real star of the show is the pouch on the left boot, which comes complete with a lid and a snap button closure, so you can secure the bundled flask while it sits there, ready to quench your thirst at a moment’s notice. That flask, by the way, is cut in sterling silver, so it’s quite the good-looking accessory itself. Do note, the darn thing can only accommodate two ounces of your favorite libations, so you may want to make it count by filling the container with your most head-buzzing swill.


Do note, only the left shoe of the Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Skye Light Brown Boots has the flask-carrying pouch, with the right shoe getting a functional compass on that section instead. We know, reading the compass from your ankle sounds like an exercise in complicating things, but it’s there as an option if you’re ever so inclined. Yeah, we doubt you’ll be inclined either.


The shoes, by the way, are sold exclusively as part of a gift set, which includes the flask and a bottle of Talisker’s 10-year old single malt scotch. As a special accent, the back of the shoe’s outsoles bear a section of the cask used to help age that scotch, which are etched with the names of the two brands in the collaboration. The whole thing is packaged in an engraved solid oak box that looks like it should make an excellent container for watches and other accessories after you’ve pulled out the shoes and drank all the whiskey inside.


Available now, the Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Skye Light Brown Boots are priced at £595.

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