Papercruiser Foldable Model Vehicles: Build Your Own Fleet Of Awesome Trucks

Granted, matchbox-sized papercraft models of awesome cars isn’t half as awesome as that Lifesize Papercraft Honda NSX we saw some time ago.  When it comes to papercraft projects you can actually build in your desk, though, we’re guessing these Papercruiser Foldable Models are more within reach for solo craft hobbyists.

Don’t worry, there’s no need for high-end design skills in this one.  Instead, the models are sold as PDF files you can download.  Just print them to a decent card stock and fold these babies into your very own miniature ride.

A total of 17 Papercruiser Foldable Models are available, each one coming in multiple color options, so you don’t even have to bother painting them to build yourself a multi-colored fleet.  What’s more amazing, though, are the details, with each model looking every bit as lifelike as your favorite painstakingly accurate Hot Wheels Matchbox.  Sure, some models are done better than others, but every single one is bound to stroke the fancy of who ever sees them lined up in your display shelf.

The bad news?  None of the vehicles are sports cars (they seem to be in love with trucks, actually), so you still can’t own a Lambo  even if it was just a papercraft model.  The good news?  These things will look good populating the roads of your New York City papercraft model.  Just make sure to put lots and lots of cars so the traffic scene is realistic.

Papercruiser’s Foldable Models range from $3 to $7.  If you’re too cheap for that, they have a couple of vehicles downloadable for free to get you started.

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