Use Pepo To Cut Watermelon Into Convenient Popsicle Shapes


Popsicles are fun to eat, but it doesn’t take too long before they begin to melt under the summer heat. You know what doesn’t melt, though? Watermelon. But I can’t eat watermelon like frozen ice cream on stick, you say? Now you can with the Pepo Watermelon Slicer.

Designed by Avihai Shurin for Monkey Business, it’s a mold for cutting watermelons into slices resembling ice pops. That way, you can make eating watermelons as fun as eating frozen ice treats on a stick, allowing you to lick and nibble away the hot summer afternoon, without sticky juices dripping down your hand.


To use the Pepo Watermelon Slicer, you simply take the watermelon from the cooler (what, you don’t have a Watermelon Cooler?), slice it into the desired thickness, and cut into it by pressing the mold into the fruit, similar to a cookie cutter. Make sure you cut starting from the skin going in, giving the watermelon ice pop a convenient handle for mess-free consumption. Measuring 12 x 6.5 x 4 cm, it cuts the watermelons into bite-width slices, ensuring even kids can eat it without getting a whole bunch of sticky juices rolling down their chin. Construction is stainless steel for the cutting portion, with plastic on top to make pressing down convenient.

Available now, the Pepo Watermelon Slicer is priced at $11.90.

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