Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet Makes Your Crappy Fridge Look High-End

Want a fancy new fridge to impress the holiday guests, but can’t afford new appliances yet?  Fake it till you make it with the Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet, which adds a realistic looking super icebox dispenser right on the door.

When we say “super,” we mean “super.”  Not only can you draw ice and water from it, there are also buttons for beer, coffee, frozen yogurt, french fries, nacho cheese, gravy and chicken wings, putting all other fridge door dispensers to shame.  Ah, if only it were real.

The Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet is a fridge magnet measuring 7.5 x 9 inches.  Instead of sporting funny pictures, though, it has a realistic-looking, super-powered image of those ice and water dispensers commonly found on high-end fridge doors, complete with an LCD display.   Granted, nothing will happen when your holiday visitors try and get anything from it.  Don’t worry, they’ll just keep it to themselves, thinking they’re too stupid to figure out how to work the latest in high-end kitchen appliances.

The whole thing is made to look like stainless steel, so it’s sure to fit in regardless of what finish your refrigerator has.  Plus, since it’s a magnet, you can also stick it to the side of the fridge, just to impress your friends even more (“Yeah, that’s where they put it now.  Haven’t you seen one yet?”)

You might not be able to afford top-of-the-line stuff this year, but you’ll, at least, look like you do.  The Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet is available from Archie McPhee for $7.95.

[link via 7Gadgets ]